About us

Linions is a fitness brand that provides a range of high quality products for your workout. All of our products have been tested and quality checked carefully.

Our mission is to provide highest quality products at competitive prices and give back to the community via different donation channels.

Your workout deserves the best, shop with us and you won't regret ;)

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A word from our Founder - Empowering Your Active Lifestyle with Linions Activewear

Hey there, wonderful souls of movement and vitality! I'm Kate Adams, the founder and CEO of Linions Activewear, and I'm thrilled to share our journey with you. Born and raised amidst the vibrant energy of Melbourne, Australia, my passion for an active lifestyle has been a driving force since my early days. Today, as a loving wife, a proud mother of two incredible kids, and a fitness enthusiast, I've poured my heart and expertise into creating a brand that resonates with every active woman out there.


Our Story: From Melbourne to Hong Kong, Unveiling Linions

After making the bold move to Hong Kong, I found myself inspired by the bustling energy and diversity of this vibrant city. It was here that the spark for Linions Activewear was ignited. Drawing from my background as a fitness and health expert, combined with my love for high-quality activewear and healthy nutrition, I set out to create a brand that offered women the best of both worlds - affordable, stylish activewear that could withstand the rigors of any activity, from outdoor adventures to intense gym sessions.


Passion in Motion: Our Commitment to Quality

At Linions, we believe that every stride, every rep, and every moment of motion matters. Our activewear is not just about looking good; it's about feeling empowered and confident as you conquer your fitness goals. We're committed to delivering high-quality activewear that stands up to your active lifestyle. Whether you're hitting the hiking trails, dominating the tennis court, or giving it your all at the gym, our pieces are designed to move with you and enhance your performance.


Where Fitness Meets Fashion: The Linions Difference

We understand that activewear is more than just clothing; it's an extension of your spirit and determination. That's why we take pride in curating a collection that blends functionality with style. From innovative moisture-wicking fabrics to flattering cuts that accentuate your strength, our designs are carefully crafted to elevate your active wardrobe. Whether you're rocking your workout or stepping out for a well-deserved coffee, Linions Activewear ensures you always look and feel your best.


Fueling Your Journey: Expert Insights and Inspiration

As a nutritionist and fitness aficionado, I'm not only dedicated to providing top-tier activewear but also to guiding you through your holistic wellness journey. Our blog, Worth Knowing, is a treasure trove of valuable insights, fitness tips, and nutritional guidance. It's a space where you can find expert advice on everything from choosing the right activewear to nourishing your body for optimal performance.


Join the Linions Movement

Our Linions community extends beyond clothing – it's a movement of strong, empowered women who embrace their active lifestyles with grace and determination. Connect with us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to stay updated on our latest collections, fitness tips, and stories of triumph. Together, we're rewriting the narrative of what it means to be an active woman.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Remember, your journey is uniquely yours, and we're here to outfit and uplift you every step of the way.


Stay vibrant, stay fierce,


Kate Adams Founder & CEO, Linions Activewear