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What are skirted Capri?

Skirted Capri is a type of Capri that has a piece of fabric attached to the bottom. Skirt capris usually have an open skirt, like a tennis skirt. These Capri are designed for women who want to cover up their legs and often have an elastic waistband, just like regular Capri, but the legs are not snug around the thighs. They're popular for work and play as well as for casual wear and make your legs look longer than other types of pants because they cover up your knees and shins.

Skirted Capri pants can be made of any type of fabric, and the length of the skirt can range from very short too long. This means that you have the freedom to choose whatever style you prefer. The length is usually determined by the style of capris, but if you want them shorter or longer, it's always possible to alter them yourself.


Capri with skirt

Capri with skirt is exactly what they sound like, capris with a short skirt attached and sewn to the pants. The term is usually applied to women's clothing; men's equivalent would be called "pants". Capri with skirt are most often worn by women as exercise or casual clothing, though they may also be worn in more formal settings such as at the office.


Capri leggings with skirt

Capri leggings with skirt is a style variation of traditional Capri pants. The skirt is attached to the leggings, creating an elasticized cuff at the bottom. Unlike other styles of leggings, these have shorter inseams (around 13-15 inches) and can be worn with flats or heels. 

These types of leggings are great for those who want their legs covered up while still being able to move comfortably at the gym, on a run, or doing other activities without having to worry about underwear showing through their pants all day long (or potentially making you uncomfortable).


Capris with skirt attached

The same type of Capri pants you know and love, but with a skirt attached to the bottom. They come in many different styles and can be worn for any occasion. Capris with skirt attached are also really cute and comfortable - especially when paired with colorful tights or socks.

Skirted Leggings with Pockets

These Skirted Leggings also have a pocket on each side of the waistband that allows you to store your phone or keys if needed.


Skirted Capri leggings

Skirted Capri leggings are a great way to add style to your workout. These leggings have a built-in skirt, so you don’t have to constantly adjust your bottoms when you bend over and squat down during exercise. 

They're perfect for running errands or going out for brunch, but they also look great when paired with a sports bra and tank top. You can get them in multiple colors, including black, white, red, and blue. Skirted Capri pants are an excellent choice if you want something that's both cute and practical.


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